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Custom Kitchens

Your kitchen is so much more than a place to cook family meals. Shouldn't it adapt to your ever-changing needs?

From cooking to entertaining.
Midnight snacks to late-morning brunch.
Last minute homework to family budgeting.

A kitchen designed around you is just more efficient. More comfortable... More beautiful... A space you'll love to use day after day, year after year...

At Paradise Custom Kitchens we've been helping homeowners build better kitchens since 1986. Isn't it time you built the kitchen you've always dreamed of?

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It All Starts with Kitchen Design

You've been dreaming about your new kitchen for years. You have lots of ideas - some from your own head, many from magazines, friends, Pinterest boards or Facebook pages. Yet, if kitchen design were merely about finding the right ideas, everyone's kitchen would be gorgeous, right?
You need someone with the vision to see the whole picture and all the details it takes to get there. That's where our Certified Kitchen Designers really shine. They have the tools and expertise to combine your ideas with a real plan of action to design the kitchen that matches your needs, preferences and style.

Custom Cabinetry Made for You

Next to the appliances you use every day your cabinetry is one of the most important elements of your kitchen. You need space for the essentials. You want the tools you use most within easy reach. You want plenty of storage capacity and maybe even a place to organize the bills or help your kids with their homework.
All of our cabinetry is hand-crafted in our own facilities and customized for each project we do. So when you ask, can you do X? the answer is a most resounding YES!

Expert Installation

It's easy to put a great kitchen together on paper, but it takes real skill and craftsmanship to bring it all together in the real world. At Paradise Custom Kitchens we're with you from the start of your kitchen project to the very end. From planning through completion. Our experienced team understands the plan for your kitchen and executes the details with precision.
You'll stay in contact with your project manager throughout the process and we'll even give you a projected schedule for every aspect of the remodel. Plus, we're always available to answer your questions.

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