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A kitchen designed around you and your lifestyle just makes sense. Comfort, beauty, and efficiency are top priorities in creating a space that you'll love to use day after day, year after year.

At Paradise Custom Kitchens we've been helping homeowners design and build better kitchens since 1986. Isn't it time you created the kitchen you've always dreamed of?

It All Starts with

You’ve been dreaming about your new kitchen for years. You have lots of inspirational ideas – some of your own and many from magazines, Pinterest boards, or social media pages. Yet, if kitchen design were merely about finding the right ideas, everyone’s kitchen would be gorgeous, right? You need someone with the expertise and vision to see the whole picture and to execute every detail to perfection. That’s where our designers really shine. They have the tools, knowledge, and experience to combine your ideas with a real plan of action to design a kitchen that matches your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Kitchen 2.jpeg

Custom Cabinetry made for you

In addition to the appliances that you use every day, your kitchen cabinetry is the most important element of your kitchen. You need space for the essentials. You want the tools and appliances you use most within easy reach. You want plenty of storage capacity and maybe even a space to help kids with their homework. All of our cabinetry is hand-crafted in our own facility and completely customizable. So, when you ask, “Can you do this?” the answer is a most resounding YES.


It’s easy to put a great kitchen together on paper, but it takes real skill and craftsmanship to bring it all together in the real world. At Paradise Custom Kitchens, we’re with you from the start of your kitchen project to the very end. From planning through completion, our experienced team understands the plan for your kitchen and executes the details with precision and accuracy. Your project manager will be involved throughout the remodeling process and we’ll give you a projected schedule for every aspect of the remodel.

Top Quality

Quality cabinetry starts with the highest quality materials. We use select solid wood plywood in a variety of wood species, sourced from suppliers in the USA and Canada. Our cabinet face frames, doors, and drawer boxes are likewise constructed from quality solid wood materials in a variety of wood species as specified.

drawer box by Paradise Custom Kitchens
cabinet door by Paradise Custom Kitchens
Paradise Custom Kitchens


  •  Varnish top coats and painted finishes are spray-applied in our facility

  •  We use Axalta finish products that offer low VOC technology and are formaldehyde-free and HAPs-free

  •  Custom faux finish offerings including glazes, textures, Venetian plaster, patina, metallic, and more

  •  Ability to match any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint colors free of charge

  •  Ability to custom match any stain or paint color

Cabinet by Paradise Custom Kitchens
Cabinet by Paradise Custom Kitchens
Cabinet by Paradise Custom Kitchens
Cabinet by Paradise Custom Kitchens
Cabinet by Paradise Custom Kitchens

Durable Beautiful 

Whether you love the look of wood grain or prefer a painted finish, all of our cabinetry is finished using a multi-stage process that adds depth and dimension, while forming a durable barrier against scratches and the rigors of everyday use. Choose from a variety of stain or paint colors. We can match any color you need.

Cabinetry Design

We Offer

  • Wide range of custom door panels and mouldings

  •  Decorative wire, fluting, reeding, cane webbing, applied mouldings, and various mixed materials to create endless cabinet door designs

  •  Roll-outs and interior accessories

  •  Custom cabinet lighting options 

  •  Custom integrated technology options


Additional Offerings

  •  Custom metalwork

  •  Custom concrete sinks and countertops

  •  Custom wood and metal range hoods

  •  Custom art glass panels

  •  Custom wood turning and wood carving

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